Enfagrow Toddler Next Step Vanilla Milk Review

Enfagrow Toddler Next Step is a milk constructed powder nourishing toddler beverage that has brain- developing DHA.  This product has Enfagrow Toddler Next Step Vanilla Milkbeen specifically designed to support the speedy brain growth that transpires in the first three years of life.  Enfagrow Toddler Next Step has a delicious vanilla flavor and is chockfull with vitamins and minerals crucial for healthy development.  Since toddlers are notoriously known for challenging parents on a daily basis to eat the proper foods necessary for good health, Enfagrow Toddler Next Step eliminates a bit of that challenge by providing a delicious beverage that is bursting with sustenance.  Enfagrow Toddler Next Step contains DHA (known to support the advanced development of the brain), Iron, and 19 other essential vitamins and minerals to provide a solid basis for your toddler’s healthy development.  This beverage offers a natural milk flavor as well as a vanilla flavored beverage. Enfagrow toddler next step vanilla milk also comprises a natural defense dual prebiotics assortment that is created to help support digestive wellbeing. Prebiotics is a specified plant fiber that constructively nourishes the good bacteria now in the large bowel or colon.  Prebiotics act as a stimulant for the good bacteria that’s already in your toddler’s colon.

The transition from breastfeeding or baby formula to solid foods can be fraught with frustration and concern for the parents.  It seems that many babies that are
transitioning into toddlers are picky, focused on one food, or seemingly unwilling to relinquish their breastfeeding time or formula for regular cow’s milk.

Benefits include a tasty beverage resembling milk overflowing with nutrition and goodness.  Enfagrow toddler next step vanilla milk is believed to contain all the essential nutrients to promote a healthy, growing child.

For breastfed babies, the nutrition in the breast milk changes throughout the nursing experience.  Breastmilk morphs to meet the baby’s nutritional needs as time passes. These changes happen within the mother’s body over time.  Formulas come in a few different stages to attempt to address the fact that children’s nutritional needs constantly morph as they age.  This formula was created to meet the nutritional needs of babies over the age of one year.

One benefit of formulas over whole milk is that many of them contain DHA, an important omega-3 fatty acid (that you would find in breastmilk). One way or another, getting DHA in the diet seems especially important in the first two years. If you think your child needs formula after the first year, switching to a toddler formula at that time is one way to accomplish this while providing her with the extra calcium and phosphorus she needs.  Another pro to Enfagrow Toddler Next Step Vanilla Milk is that it is easy to mix. Some parents liked the versatility for traveling.  Since all that is needed is water, it eliminates the need to pack ice bags to keep milk fresh and cold.   An added bonus is the ease to make sure that your toddler has a boost their vitamins without having to the child her to take a multivitamin.  Many parents loved the fact that their child was getting DHA and Iron through the Enfagrow. It gave them assurance knowing that their child was getting bone-strengthening calcium and vitamin D antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E; especially those parents who are dealing with picky eaters. Some parents loved the fact that it doesn’t clump and many toddlers found this drink to be delicious. Also, one can take a ‘dry’ bottle or sippy cup with just the pre-measured powder, add water on-site at the beach or playground and it shakes up nicely. Some parents sprinkle it on treats such as ice cream for added nutritional value.

The only negative was some customers felt that when the product was ordered online it had an expiration date that was too close to expiration.  When ordering online it would be prudent to double check on that or order in smaller quantities.

Toddler formulas have many of the same vitamins and minerals found in infant formulas. The main difference between toddler and infant formulas is that toddler formulas contain a greater amount of calcium and phosphorus. They are designed to match the higher calcium and phosphorus levels children need as they grow, similar to the levels found in whole milk.  To make sure your toddler meets their daily nutritional needs, Enfagrow Toddler Next Step Vanilla Milk is one of the best baby formulas and definitely a product to consider.


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