Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula Review

Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula with iron is a baby formula that is designed for babies from birth to twelve months of age.  This formula earths best formula reviewprovides vital nutrients needed for the healthy development of your baby.

Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula with iron is made with superior protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. It is general knowledge that breastfeeding is the optimal choice for feeding your baby.  However, some mothers are not able to do so due to circumstances and sometimes due to choice; and Earth’s Best Organic formula offers a healthy alternative to nursing or as a supplement to breast milk.

The benefit of Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula

The benefit of Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula is that organic formulas are created to be free of exposure to chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides.  Advantages to organic formula is that farmers cannot use genetic engineering, ionizing radiation, or sewage sludge.  All crops used in the product or even fed to the animals for the product must be grown with no chemical pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizers, and or sewage sludge fertilizers.  The cows are to only be fed organic feed and to have no contact with antibiotics or growth hormones.

Another advantage to consider is that the farm itself must also pass an assessment by a federal certifier who makes sure these guidelines have been followed. Since herbicides and pesticides have been linked with cancer (or carcinogenicity), birth defects, liver damage, kidney damage, and disruption of the hormonal system Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula is a great choice for added peace of mind.

The fact that this product is organic is a great reason to consider Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula, but another benefit is that this formula is that many parents felt that this formula is easy for a baby to digest.  A majority of parents claim that this formula was easily digested with minimal spitting up and gas.  Not only is it safe, and easy to digest; but many feel that it is also affordable.  One parent assessed this product not when their child was a baby, but when their child was four years old.

They were pleased with the intelligence, health, and overall function of their child and the other babies they had used this formula with as well.  That is a stellar testimonial for a product to be given such high marks during the use of the product as well as several years after the fact.

Some of the cons regarding Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula is that is becomes very foamy when shaken; some likened it to a cappuccino.  Others did not like the fact that it contains syrup solids.  Some people felt that it takes extra diligence to remove the clumps without getting foamy.

Although the majority of parents felt that Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula was well digested; some parents felt that the formula caused constipation.  Very few parents had concerns with the levels of fluoride in the product.  All baby formulas contain some amounts of fluoride, but Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula with iron has a bit higher amounts than some other brands.


Choosing from the different ingredients and formulas is dependent on your pediatrician’s advice as well as baby’s preferences along with the prescribed nutritional needs of your baby.  If your baby does not respond well to the first formula, then it is possible that you will need to try another brand or type.

Many times a baby will experience gas and spitting up, and parents assume it has something to do with the baby’s diet.  Sometimes these symptoms have more to do with the developing gastrointestinal tract of the baby, and not the baby formula itself.  Some babies just take time to adjust to formula.  Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula with iron is the best baby formula from birth to twelve months of age.  A majority of the parents using Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula with iron were pleased with the product and felt that could recommend this product unequivocally as an option for to insure the healthy growth of their baby.


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