Best Dairy-Free Baby Formula 2017

Enfamil ProSobee Baby Formula

The best dairy-free baby formula is definitely Enfamil ProSobee Baby Formula.

Enfamil cares about babies.  

The Enfamil range of infant formula is a household name – when I was a baby, I was fed Enfamil too, so it’s a company our family has trusted for decades, and it’s best-dairy-free-baby-formulanot hard to see why. They’re recommended by paediatricians and so much work goes into their range. When I found out my son was lactose intolerant, I worried about what we’d do for his milk. I’d always planned to give him Enfamil, and I was worried we’d have to pay way too much money for specialist milk from a brand I’d never heard of before. When I found out that Enfamil do this ProSobee baby formula, it was like a weight off my shoulders – our problems with lactose were solved, and I could still use a brand of milk I trusted!

ProSobee is a lifesaver.

After weeks of my son crying all the time and being irritable, we were at the end of our tether. We’d tried so many different types and brands of formula and nothing was working; we were finding blood in his diaper and starting to get really scared that something was wrong with our baby boy. One trip to the paediatrician later and we had a diagnosis of lactose intolerance. I didn’t know how we’d afford a specialist medical formula, so I called up the paediatrician and asked if she had any recommendations. She suggested Enfamil ProSobee, so we went out and got a tub. After a couple of days it was like we had a brand new baby. I could’ve cried with relief; we’d been so worried that he was sick, and it turned out all he needed was this special milk!

Since starting on ProSobee, my son sleeps like a champ and we’ve had no more issues with bloody diapers. It’s been a real lifesaver for us, I’m so glad we found Enfamil ProSobee!

The best things about Enfamil ProSobee Baby Formulaa

Obviously the best thing about Enfamil ProSobee is the fact that it’s a soy-based formula, making it lactose and dairy free. That’s a huge weight off for parents of babies who are allergic or intolerant to lactose and dairy. Milk is the biggest part of a baby’s diet for such a long time – finding out that it’s hurting your baby is a horrible feeling, so just knowing that Enfamil have created this milk for babies like our son really gives us peace of mind.

It’s a NeuroComplete formula, which means Enfamil have formulated it to support the growth and development of all the most important areas of a baby’s brain. Our son is doing great, hitting all his milestones early and I know that when we go to the paediatrician for his development check-up, the doctor will be really happy with how well he’s doing. I love knowing that every aspect of his development is being supported by this formula, and it’s still nice and gentle on his little tummy!

We didn’t have a choice other than to use ProSobee, but my sister’s family are vegetarian and try to use as few dairy products as possible. She is formula feeding her little guy and I actually recommended ProSobee to her, because it’s dairy-free. She feels so much better now that she’s using this formula, and my nephew loves it just as much as my son does! I know of lots of other families who are using this formula because it means they can feed their babies without compromising on their lifestyle choices. It’s kosher too, meaning that moms and dads can give their babies nutritious milk that is full of goodness, without having to go against their beliefs to do it.

A bonus is that lots of specialist formulas don’t smell so great. We found that this one didn’t smell any worse than normal infant formulas, which is great for us – I can make his bottles without holding my nose!



Obviously the best thing about this formula is the fact that my baby is no longer in pain, and we don’t have to worry about what the lactose is doing to his tummy. Knowing that it’s also good for him, full of vitamins and minerals he needs like iron and it’s encouraging his development is great, so I’d say that the best dairy-free baby formula is definitely Enfamil ProSobee.  

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