Best Baby Formula for Toddlers 2017

Enfagrow Natural Milk Powder

This really is the best baby formula for toddlers.

We’ve been using products from Mead Johnson since my daughter was six weeks old, so it’s a brand I trust. Back then we used their infant milk to transition frombest-baby-formula-for-toddlers breastmilk, and it was such a smooth and easy transition. She’s now fourteen months old and doesn’t eat a whole lot, and definitely doesn’t drink normal milk. She comes from a family of picky eaters, so I’m not surprised, but I was worried that she’d lose weight. I spoke to her paediatrician who suggested Enfagrow, because it contains the extra vitamins and minerals that she needs. I know she’s getting iron, DHA and prebiotics from Enfagrow, so I don’t feel too worried about her being a picky eater. I also really love their feeding hotline; they’ve answered so many of my questions!

What We Love About Enfagrow Natural Milk Powder

As well as the benefits to my daughter, which I mentioned above, I’ve also found the Enfagrow Powder has given me real peace of mind. I used to get so worried about her not eating enough, but I can sleep soundly now, knowing she is getting all the goodness she needs.

One of the things I like about Mead Johnson is the steps they take to make sure that their infant milk products are as close to breastmilk as possible. They’ve done the same for the Enfagrow toddler formula, so my daughter is getting the DHA and calcium that she would get from breastmilk, but I can go to work and don’t have to devote any time to breastfeeding. It’s also allowing me to try and introduce new foods to her, while making sure she’s getting the nutrients she requires.

I used ready-to-feed formula bottles when she was an infant, but they took up so much storage space in my kitchen. It wasn’t a problem when she was going through six or seven bottles a day, but now she only has two every day as a supplement to her solid food, having a bulk order of ready-to-feed bottles would take up way too much room. The powder is perfect! It’s one handy tub, with a good shelf life in our experience and just needs to be stored in a cool, dry place, rather than having to try and fit it all into my fridge and use it quickly! The powder also doesn’t clump, which is definitely something you don’t want your formula powder to do!

This milk has a very plain flavour, similar to the taste of normal cows’ milk, so I hope that as my daughter grows up this will make the transition to normal milk much easier! Right now, she’s happy with her Enfagrow and really seems to like the taste – at least, she gulps it down and asks for more! It’s good to know that they also do it in a vanilla flavour, so if I was struggling to get her to drink it, we could try a sweeter taste. I actually had a look at the sugar content of the vanilla version, out of curiosity, and it’s nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. The majority of the sugar in there comes from the lactose that is naturally-occurring; the amount of added sugar is really tiny!

Another thing we’ve tried to encourage her to have a proper breakfast in the mornings is to give her this milk with her cereal. We figured that she loves the taste of this, so it might make a difference and encourage her to actually eat her cereal. We were right! It worked a treat and now we’re seeing her eating more and more balanced breakfasts. For such a picky eater before, this is a great result for us!



We’ve been using this formula since my daughter turned one, and I honestly think we’ll keep using it until she’s three. It’s encouraging her to eat more meals, ensuring that she gets the nutrition and vitamins that she needs, and she loves the taste – a real achievement in this household! The fact that our paediatrician recommended it shows that it’s a product you can trust, and it’s supporting her growth and development. I can safely say that Enfagrow is the best baby formula for toddlers!

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