Best Baby Formula For Premature Babies 2017

Enfamil EnfaCare Baby Formula

Enfamil EnfaCare Baby Formula is definitely the best baby formula for premature babies.

Enfamil is the only brand I can trust  

Everyone in my family has fed their babies Enfamil. When I was pregnant, my mom recommended it to me. They’re recommended by paediatricians, which tells best-baby-formula-for-premature-babiesme everything I need to know – it’s a brand I can trust. When it came to finding the right formula after my son was born seven weeks premature, I knew I’d use Enfamil EnfaCare. One of the things I love most about EnfaCare is their dedicated helpline for parents of premature babies; with specialist advice and information from experts.


Peace of mind for my husband and I

Our son was born prematurely, and he really had trouble gaining weight even after we came home from the hospital. He was having donated breastmilk, but didn’t seem to be growing. With our doctor’s support, we moved him onto Enfamil EnfaCare, and it was such a relief when he started gaining weight! He’s six months old now and has pretty much caught up, thanks to the Enfamil EnfaCare formula. People are often surprised he was ever a preemie; he’s such a chunky little guy!

What makes EnfaCare so great?

Because it’s specially formulated for premature babies, it contains extra calories to help them put on the weight they need to. It has 22 calories per fl oz, in addition to 40% extra protein compared to normal infant formula, and all the nutrients a preemie needs to help them catch up to babies born at term. It definitely worked for us; we saw a difference in our little guy almost immediately, and he’s so strong and healthy now. Thanks to this great formula for preemies.

It isn’t just physical development that we were worried about; we were also concerned about the impact being premature would have on my son’s cognitive and neurological development. Thankfully EnfaCare contains the expert-recommended levels of DHA and ARA, to encourage and stimulate brain growth and development. This is a huge weight off; knowing we’re doing everything we can to give our son formula that is nutritionally sound and encouraging that vital development that he may have missed out on due to being premature.

It’s also got extra vitamins and immune system-boosting antioxidants. When you’re a preemie mom, you’re worried about your baby getting even the tiniest cough or sneezes. It’s good to know that the formula we’re giving him will help protect him from these potentially dangerous infections and viruses.

I’ve heard of preemies having difficulty tolerating preterm formulas, but we haven’t had any problems with EnfaCare. He drinks it down like a champ and it stays down too, which is great as it means we can be sure he’s getting all the nutrients and nourishment that he needs. It also hasn’t really blocked him up any more than most babies get a little clogged from time to time, which is great considering the extra calories in the formula!

Knowing that EnfaCare do everything they can to make their product as close to breastmilk as possible gives us peace of mind and knowing that we’re doing the best for him despite not being able to breastfeed him myself.

Right now, he’s happy just drinking this milk – and boy, does he get through a lot of it! – but pretty soon we’re going to start trying him on solid food. The first thing we’ll do is mush this in with his oatmeal. It’s nourished him so well until now; even when he starts taking solid food I’d like him to keep having this milk to make sure he keeps growing and thriving at the amazing rate he’s been doing so far!

It’s a great price for the peace of mind it gives us, it doesn’t smell offensive and it doesn’t stain clothes! That’s an absolute bonus for me, it means less laundry to do!



As well as all the nutrition and support for my baby boy’s development, this formula gives my husband and I something that money can’t buy – the relief of knowing that our little boy is thriving despite being born early, and will grow up to be just as big, strong and healthy as other kids. When it comes to the best baby formula for premature babies, Enfamil EnfaCare gets my vote.

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