Best baby formula for newborns 2017

Similac Advance Non-GMO Newborn Infant Formula with Iron

Best baby formula for newborns, without a doubt!

Similac Is A Brand I Can Trust

We love Similac – it’s a household name brand that you can trust. I love the work they’ve done to encourage moms to support each other rather than tearing each Best-baby-formula-for-newbornsother down, and their website is full of useful information for new parents and moms-to-be. I knew from the start that we’d be using Similac with my daughter; lots of friends and family recommended it to me.

When I saw they’ve now made Similac with non-GMO ingredients I was thrilled! It’s really important to me that my baby gets the best, and for me that means her not having genetically modified ingredients, so this product is absolutely perfect for our family.

Our Similac Advance Non-GMO Formula Experience

We’re four months in and I’m really happy with our choice to use this formula. I’ve read about other formulas giving babies tummy ache, making them gassy or worse, making them sick, but we haven’t had any of those problems with Similac. Anything that avoids my baby screaming in pain is good for me, and she’s totally settled and happy on Similac.

Another major pro – these bottles are SO convenient! We’re pretty much always out of the house somewhere – between trips to grandma’s house, walks in the park, going to the store and mornings in church, I was really not looking forwards to dragging powder, hot water and bottles everywhere with me. I can just stick a bottle and a disposable nipple in my bag and take my daughter anywhere. Plus, it’s so much easier at night. Keeping a bottle in the nursery makes night feeds quicker and totally painless! I think these are really reasonably priced – although, to be honest, I’d pay any price for these little lifesavers! It’s worth it to make sure the baby isn’t screaming at 3am while she waits for us to put a bottle together!

These are great for me, as a formula feeding mom, but my friend is breastfeeding her son and when she supplements, she uses these bottles. Her lactation consultant actually advised her to use this formula, which I think is a great endorsement for Similac. Her little guy loves the formula too – we’ve both said how great it is that neither of our babies have had any bad reaction to their formula, and my friend says she feels so much better, knowing that when she’s too sore to feed or too tired, she or her husband can use these handy bottles and give her a break!

What Are The Best Aspects of Similac Advance Non-GMO Formula?

From looking at the ingredients of the Similac Advance, you can tell that they’ve tried to make it as close to breastmilk as possible, which is great! The ingredients really support the development of your baby which is so important to me and to all us moms – we all just want the best for our babies! At first, I was worried about using bottles – I don’t want to be giving my little girl anything that could be harmful to her, but Similac thought of that too. These bottles have a special layer that protect babies from BPA, so I know she’s safe from any nasty chemicals.

These bottles really are so convenient. I can get them shipped direct to my door, along with the nipples for the bottles, so I don’t need to worry about running out. They have a shelf life of twelve months – I bought our latest pack last week and they’re good until August next year! – so if you only use them in emergencies, they can last for a long time and you don’t need to worry about wasting money. If you’re anything like us, you’ll get through so many of these amazing little bottles that you’ll never need to worry about them reaching the end of their shelf life!


I always joke that before I became a mom, my three must-have items in my purse were my phone, my keys and my lipstick. These days, it’s diapers, a pacifier and a bottle of Similac Advance Non-GMO! If you’re about to have a baby and looking for a formula, or your baby’s current formula doesn’t agree with them, I can’t recommend this milk enough! It really is the best baby formula for newborns!

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