Best Baby Formula For Up To 12 Months

Enfamil Infant Baby Formula

This is definitely the best baby formula for up to 12 months!

Enfamil Is Trusted

When you talk about infant formula, Enfamil is the name that springs to mind. They’re the number one brand recommended by pediatricians – I don’t definitely-the-best-baby-formula-for-up-to-12-months!-think you can get a better endorsement than that! When I was pregnant I knew I was going to formula feed, but I didn’t know which brand to use. We started with a different brand when we were in the hospital, but it seemed to make my son gassy. I asked friends and family and they all said Enfamil was much better. We tried it and haven’t looked back! He’s seven months old and loves Enfamil.  They’ve even got a feeding helpline where they’ll answer all of your questions – I love that they’re so supportive of moms.

Our Experience With Enfamil Infant Baby Formula

I couldn’t be happier with this formula. We’ve had no problems at all since switching to Enfamil; no gas or pain or screaming.

One of the things I like most about Enfamil is the reusable tub! I’m passionate about caring for the environment, and the waste caused by plastic formula tubs – especially at the rate babies go through them – has worried me in the past. With Enfamil, you buy one tub, and then when it’s empty you can buy refills in cardboard boxes – much kinder for the environment and so useful for us! Plus, Enfamil say it keeps the milk fresher for longer, which I’m sure everyone will agree, is a positive thing!

I formula fed from the start, so I’ve got nothing to compare this to, but my friend is breastfeeding her little one. She supplements using Enfamil – I recommended it to her after seeing how well my son was doing on the formula, and I’m so glad I did. Her daughter hasn’t had any of the tummy ache or gas that a lot of breastfed babies can get when they’re given formula. She says she loves that the formula isn’t clumpy and keeps her little lady totally comfortable. This formula is great for all moms – whether it’s your baby’s everyday food, or being used to supplement so mom can have a break and dad can take over the feeding once in a while!

Our Favourite Things About Enfamil Infant Baby Formula

Enfamil’s formula is designed to be as similar to breastmilk as possible. This is one of the major things that attracted me to Enfamil over the other brands available. It means that if you’ve chosen to formula feed, or breastfeeding didn’t work out, you know you’re still giving your baby the best start possible. Plus, if you’re supplementing, it isn’t going to upset their little tummies because the switch will be much smoother! The ingredients really support the development of your baby which is so important to me and to all us moms – we all just want the best for our babies!

Another great thing about Enfamil is that it isn’t just designed for your baby as a newborn – because they’ve tried to make it close as possible to mature breastmilk, it also supports your baby’s development for the milestones that come along later on. My son rolled over and sat up unaided quite early, and he’s starting crawling now. I think part of the reason why he’s developing so quickly and meeting all his milestones is because we’re giving him a formula that is tailored to his development and so close to breastmilk.

It also contains probiotics, to boost your baby’s immune system. We’ve had very few illnesses since my little one was born – at first I thought we’d just been lucky, but when I found out Enfamil contains probiotics, I realised that must be the reason.


I think the best judge of the quality of formula is the baby drinking it. My son can’t get enough of Enfamil! Even now we’ve started to give him some food, he loves his milk and will cry for more when the bottle is finished! It means we get through a lot of powder – but when the price is so reasonable for the quality, I can’t complain. One happy baby and one very happy mom, thanks to Enfamil – and that’s why I think it’s the best baby formula for up to 12 months.

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